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About eBooks and eAudio 

eLS offers eBooks and eAudiobooks through two platforms: Cloud Library for our Young Adult Collection and OverDrive for our Educator Collection. You check out eBooks and eAudio just like physical library books: the loan period is 21 days, and they return automatically (no late fees, ever!). Holds can be placed on unavailable items and checked out when they become available. You can also download your content for offline use, or in some cases, stream it. 

The Educator Collection

Browse the Educator Collection

With a focus on professional development and hard-to-find teaching resources, the eLS Educator Collection includes everything from curriculum maps to the latest read-alongs and titles in educational technology. This collection is hosted on the OverDrive platform.


DEVICES: Apple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows 8.1 (computers and Surface Pro tablets)

OverDrive eBooks may be read on virtually any device; see OverDrive's Device Profiles pages. For downloading instructions, visit our OverDrive Downloading page.


Many of the materials in the Educator Collection may be streamed right in the browser on any Internet-connected device, no app necessary. See OverDrive Streaming


The Young Adult Collection 

Browse the Young Adult Collection

Featuring thousands of eBook and eAudio titles for grades 6-12, the Young Adult Collection includes classroom classics, information texts in all subject areas, popular teen fiction, and materials on college and career readiness. The Young Adult Collection is hosted on the Cloud Library platform.

Cloud Library eBooks may be read on any device with the app with the exception of Kindles that are not in the Fire tablet series. (For example, Cloud Library eBooks cannot be read on Kindle Paperwhite devices.)

DEVICESApple iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows, Mac 

You must have the Cloud Library app loaded on your mobile device, PC, Mac, or Kindle tablet to access and download checked-out materials. See the Cloud Library page.

The eLS Catalog

Search the Catalog


You may search across the Educator and Young Adult Collections at one time, and even check out materials, right from within the eLS Catalog. eBooks are marked with an eReader icon  and eAudios are marked with a pair of headphones .


IMPORTANT: Be sure to download the Cloud Library app first as you will need the app to access and read any eBooks from the Young Adult Collection. See Cloud Library


Stream with OverDrive Read or download these titles to the OverDrive app on mobile devices, or to your Kindle directly. See OverDrive Streaming and reference the eLS Catalog section, or see OverDrive Downloading.